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Accounting solutionZ is a Chicago based financial accounting firm. We focus on keeping your books clean, organized, and up to date.  Organized, up kept financials are critical to a business’s success.  This way we can analyze your financials in order to make critical business decisions. Good accounting helps strategic decision making, planning, controlling costs, and other business processes. We offer CPA firm quality work within your budget to help save you time, money, and energy.
Our Team
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Andy Zarycki, CEO/Head Accountant


Phone: 708-769-0469

Andy's passion for business and accounting started as a kid watching his parents both independently start their own businesses.  With this passion, he graduated from St. Xavier University in 2012 with a Bachelor's in Accounting.  In April of 2018, he sold his company he started after college, which gave him that extra push to resign from his corporate position and venture off on his own. After six years of experience with companies ranging from 90 million to 100 thousand in revenue, he decided to start his own accounting firm.  Andy performed all accounting duties working for these companies and gained the experience and confidence necessary to expand the business.  


If you are someone that is looking for business or personal accounting help, Accounting solutionZ will do that for you.   If you have any questions for Andy, feel free to contact him.  

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Kathy Famulka, Partner

Kathy graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago. With her love for numbers and business, she decided accounting is the perfect route to go. So much so that now she has a Masters in Accounting. Kathy's college experience has shown to be a breeze thus far with nearly perfect grades. All signs point to her being a successful CPA. Kathy joined Accounting solutionZ in September 2018 and has shown amazing knowledge for accounting.

Angelo Acorda Jr., Staff Accountant

Angelo already knew accounting is what he wanted when he was still a junior high school. He graduated from the National College of Science & Technology in the Philippines in 2017 with a Bachelor's in Accounting. He became an Accounting assistant that year as well but he wanted to work internationally, so he decided to be an ESL teacher in 2019 to further improve his confidence in English conversation. With his confidence and passion for accounting, he joined Accounting solutionZ in September 2021 to continue doing what he is passionate about.

King Reinell Arcilla, Staff Accountant

King’s passion for numerical data began when he was just in primary school. There, he was able to expand on his dream and enhance his mathematical skills. His drive, determination, and support from his parents allowed him to graduate from Rogationist College in 2016. Before King joined the Accounting solutionZ team he was an accountant assistant for one of the biggest retail companies in the Philippines. With his drive and commitment, he worked his way up to a supervisor position. As he gained more knowledge and his skill set grew, King decided to take a leap of faith and join the Accounting solutionZ team in January 2022. He has been committed to gaining more knowledge and to continue to enhance his professional career.

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Andrew Torcelino, Staff Accountant

Andrew is a CPA and graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines in 2007. He worked for the largest multi media conglomerate in the Philippines where he rose from the ranks and honed his Accounting, Finance and Management skills. He then briefly worked in Dubai in 2016 with start-up companies before coming back to the Philippines in 2018 to work for a global consulting firm. He joined Accounting Solutionz in February 2022 and is very enthusiastic to help and contribute his knowledge to achieve the clients' goals and requirements.

Charina Marrie Cabanig, Staff Accountant

Charina Marrie has been an accounting practitioner since 2014. She completed her Master's degree in 2021 and earned her Bachelor's degree in accounting during her collegiate years in 2014. Doing a wide variety of enterprises is her family's strength and her knowledge has grown as a result of this grounding foundation. Away from corporate, Charina prefers being out in nature where she can freely express herself and be creative in every facet of life. She joined the Accounting SolutionZ team in February 2022 and is highly keen on broadening her skills to assist and share her experience in fulfilling the needs of the clients.

Nick Lassak, Bookkeeper

Nick is currently a Junior at Lewis University studying to get his master’s in accounting. With experience in the business world starting early in his career, Nick knew he wanted to pursue accounting right away. Eager to learn, he is always filled with questions and ready to work. Nick joined the Accounting solutionZ team in June of 2020 and is ready to expand and add to the knowledge he already has in the business world.

Alicja Jarog, Accounting Intern

Alicja is currently a student at Saint Xavier University, studying to get her bachelor’s degree in accounting. She has always had an interest in the “behind the scenes” work of major companies, which is why she went into the business field. After graduating, she plans on obtaining her CPA and further continuing her studies. Alicja joined the Accounting solutionZ team in January of 2021.

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Kamil Komperda, Accounting Intern

Kamil's interest in accounting began when he took his first Intro to Accounting class in high school. He likes the idea of having multiple fields to study, such as forensic, financial, and tax accounting. As his knowledge grew, he decided to pursue higher education. He transferred out of his two-year community college into Saint Xavier University to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Accounting. As he's getting near the end of his academic career, he discovered his drive to achieve and excel in my field. To understand his passion, he equates it to his favorite hobby: skiing. He continuously challenge himself to go on more steeper slopes to achieve the rush that began his interest in skiing. In the same sense, he plans on sitting for the CPA exam and continuing to learn from his internship at Accounting Solutionz.

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Joyce Banilla-Acorda, Marketing Advisor

Joyce has experience in handling businesses as she used to help her mother manage their family business when she was still 8 years old, up until she graduated college in 2017. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy from the National College of Science and Technology with an award for Outstanding Intern of the Year. After she graduated, she worked as Finance Assistant for over 3 years but suddenly lost her job due to a pandemic. During this time Joyce was able to pursue another passion of hers, content creation and community building. She began her YouTube channel that focuses on all things parenting. With time she was able to build a tight knit community based on the products she reviews, and social issues that plague new mothers. She’s hoping to use her skills in content creating and community building to better help businesses reach their financial goals.

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